Student Tours

A visit to the Museum of Appalachia gives students tangible examples for abstract concepts in historical studies, and it offers a wealth of opportunities for them to develop conceptual thinking skills as they explore the world of the pioneers.

Please contact us at or call 865-494-7680 for more information about rates, special events & programs, or to schedule your visit.

The Museum is proud of the assistance we can offer educators to help them “teach the Museum” to the thousands of students that visit each year. Student groups of 30 or more can participate in our interactive musical program which introduces students to authentic mountain music and provides an orientation to the Museum.

Additionally, we have developed walking/interpretive tours with teaching materials tied to Tennessee’s TCAP requirements for Grades 3 through 8. Teaching materials include lesson plans and discussion topics concentrating on several State Performance Indicators for Criterion Referenced Tests in Social Studies and Reading/Language Arts.

To learn more about Sheep Shearing Days, Fall Heritage Days, and other student-focused special events, please visit our Events page.