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Group Tours

Schedule your next trip to include the nationally acclaimed Museum of Appalachia!

Experience the sights, sounds  and tastes of bygone days with a tour or a special package event!

Our popular package features a tour of the Museum’s spectacular grounds and collections, a buffet meal served in our spacious and comfortable banquet hall, and an hour of live, authentic old-time music performed from our banquet hall stage! The typical package runs three hours, but times can be expanded or compressed, depending upon your schedule’s needs. Our standard menus can be modified as well. Depending upon the time of day you expect to arrive, you can market the package as a Morning, Afternoon, or Evening in Old Appalachia–and you’ll want to include the information that your group can be treated to an authentic taste of East Tennessee barbecue!

For more information please contact Beth Hall at (865) 494-7680 or by email at bethhall@museumofappalachia.org

Other things to consider when planning your trip:

  • We are only 15 minutes from Knoxville and less than an hour from Pigeon Forge!
  • You can make a day trip out of a visit to the Museum along with visits to the nearby Norris Dam and State Park, Lenoir Museum, and the 19th century Rice Grist Mill, all within 15 minutes of us.
  • For longer trips, there is lodging within two miles and convenient lodging in nearby Knoxville as well.