Thursday, July 02, 2015

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"We simply cannot appreciate where we are today, or understand where we are going tomorrow, unless we understand  where, as a culture, we've been in the past.

These are our people.  They are world renowned, unknown, famous, infamous, interesting, diverse, different, but above all, they are a warm, colorful and jolly lot, in love with our land, our mountains, and our culture. May their memories ever be preserved - not  so much in reverence to them but as a gift to us and to generations to come."

John Rice Irwin, Founder 

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   Visitors to the Museum of Appalachia, a Smithsonian Affiliate Museum, will celebrate July 4th with the explosion of sound that pioneers heard thunder through the hills when they celebrated Independence Day.

   In pioneer days, shooting the anvil was a common practice for celebrating special events. Local blacksmiths would practice this Anvil Shoot 3521 smallesttradition to celebrate the nation’s Independence, Christmas, and even Davy Crockett’s election to the U.S. Congress.

   Along with a big boom several times during the day, there will be patriotic ceremonies, a flag waving procession led by bagpiper Jesse McCrary, Longhunter camp stories, Appalachian music, and an array of historic demonstrations.

   At 2pm, a bell-tolling ceremony will occur, coinciding in the National Bell Ringing Ceremony, with over 10,000 bells across the country ringing in unison. Thirteen youngsters will be selected from the audience to ring the bell in honor of the thirteen original colonies.

   Immediately following, is the Liberty Pole raising ceremony, which commemorates a Colonial American practice signifying dissatisfaction with the English government; an illustration of the spirit of liberty among colonists in the early days of the War for Independence.

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We Hope You Will Plan to Join Us This 4th of July!


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